AB Svafo – a non-profit-making company

AB Svafo is a non-profit-making company with the purpose of decommissioning nuclear facilities from previous research and development activities in Sweden. The intermediate storage and management of Swedish legacy waste, until its final disposal, are included in this task.

A sustainable approach

Svafos main task is to take care of the facilities and waste from the historic Swedish nuclear research programme, until the facilities have been demolished and the waste has been disposed of. Our task is carried out with the safety of our personal in focus, with as little environmental impact as possible and for a reasonable cost. This is what Svafo defines as a sustainable approach!


Svafo started as a small company in 1992. As the company’s activities in decommissioning and waste have developed, the number of employees has grown to 68.
Svafo has built up the resources and competence in decommissioning, demolition and waste needed for current and future decommissioning and waste projects.

Svafo’s employees are divided into an advisory group to the CEO and three departments, Safety, Projects & techniques and Operations.
We review our operations and operational safety annually. The results are compared with established policies and targets for safety, the environment, working environment and quality. Internal audits and safety checks are carried out regularly, in accordance with our management system.

Svafos CEO is Anna Wikmark.

Financing and government agency supervision

Svafo is part of the Vattenfall Group and is owned by Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB, OKG AB and Ringhals AB. The company is not profit-making and is mainly financed by the nuclear waste fund and our owners. Svafo makes regular estimates of the coming cost of taking care of Swedish legacy waste. We apply annually for funding from the nuclear waste fund and the Swedish National Debt Office (Riksgälden) decides the amount we will be given.

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority issues guidelines and requirements regarding safety, radiation doses and emissions. It carries out regular audits and inspections of Svafo’s operations. The County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen) has responsibility for the supervision of waste management and transport, according to the environmental code (miljöbalken). Both the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority and the County Administrative Board can order actions related to Svafo’s operations.

Foto: Fredrik Ekenborg